Write for us

Gerrit Forward is an open platform and contributions are encouraged.

Although the website is largely for opinions on current affairs in relation to Notts County, we welcome a variety of written content.

Need some ideas? How about the following…

Stand out memory
Maybe an odd interaction with a player or a terrace tale from ‘back in the day’, provide an insight into the tale.

Classic/interesting memorabilia
If you’ve unearthed a gem from yesteryear, whether it’s a programme or rare football shirt, send us your story. Alternatively, maybe you’ve got a unique item with an interesting backstory… let us know!

Story behind the photo
Got an old photo you’ve discovered with an interesting story? Tell us what makes it so special.

If you’ve had the chance to interview an ex-Notts player, we’re always interested to hear their thoughts on their time with the club and the current state of affairs. 

We also welcome fan photos, video content and supporters to get involved with our social media platforms.

If you would like to join our team, pitch or submit an article to gerritforwardnotts@gmail.com.