The big GF League Two season preview – part one

follow url Here we go again. Two and a half months since Notts trudged off the Newport County cornfield, pitch invaders barging past and smoke bombs drifting off into the sky, we’re back. No points have been awarded yet, but that’s not… Continue Reading

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Notts County match ratings v Cheltenham Town

Notts County fans in the Kop For context, these ratings come from a fan who visits Meadow Lane far less frequently than most in the stands and, depressingly, it is not uncommon for me to visit only once or twice during any manager’s short-lived tenure. But… Continue Reading

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There’s a bomb under the table, look before it’s too late

Kevin Nolan and Alan Hardy

click English film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock was notorious for his explanation of the difference between surprise and suspense: A bomb explosion will surprise the audience, but a bomb planted under a table will keep them in suspense. Notts County very… Continue Reading

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